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Grapes are a well-known fruit worldwide, fitting into almost any lifestyle. Fresh grapes are a favourite, quick, easy and healthy snack among consumers young and old. In addition to their delicious taste, a growing body of research on fresh grapes suggests that grapes may offer significant health benefits. Del Monte® grapes is a key premium product in the fresh produce portfolio and it includes over 25 varieties, seeded and seedless, supplied from Europe, Latin America, South Africa and India in order to guarantee a full year availability at the European market. Overseas production is marketed from October until the beginning of May, while European grapes dominate the market from July until December.

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Disponible en:
Polonia Bélgica Alemania PAÍSES BAJOS
Energía 69 kcal
Grasas 0.16 g
CHO 18.10 g
De los cuales azúcares 15.48 g
Fibra 0.9 g
Proteína 0.72 g
Sal 2 mg
VitaC 3.2 mg